Our Members

Aaron Sulser
Founder & Lead Investigator of Dark Alley Paranormal

Aaron started Dark Alley Paranormal Investigators in 2008 in a response to the growing popularity of paranormal investigation and ghost hunting. Many groups out there have a lot of state-of-the-art equipment and technical gadgets. Aaron wanted to form a group that did not rely on these resources as they are not cheap. Dark Alley uses a small array of equipment including video and digital cameras.

Aaron wanted to form a group that anyone could join for a thrill seeking adventure.

His background in paranormal research began with a trip to the Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville Kentucky. His group at that time consisted of 5 others and was able to investigate the entire building by themselves. Aaron heard strange sounds, captured EVP’s and was at one point “touched” by something that wasn’t visible.

Aaron returned to Waverly a few months later and again experienced some things that could not be explained.

Sarah Sulser
Co-Founder of Dark Alley Paranormal

Sarah’s paranormal work began when she let Aaron go to the Waverly Hills Sanatorium in April of 2008. She has since become an intregal part of how DAPI is run and maintained.

Sarah and Aaron investigated Waverly Hills together in September of 2009. They were the only two people in the entire building and were able to capture a man’s voice on a recorder. They also had a few strange experiences in their hotel room just a mile away from the sanatorium.

Ghosts and the paranormal realm has always intrigued Sarah and has led her to this position.

Michael Bradley
Lead Investigator for the Northeast, Ohio chapter

Marcie Hoerig
Co-Founder & Lead Investigator of DAP Northern Kentucky

Instead of pretending the paranormal does not exist, Marcie has accepted the fact that there is more out there than meets the eye. At a young age, Marcie found herself in her first paranormal situation when she encountered the spirit of her Grandfather who had come to say good-bye to her in the middle of the night, before anyone knew he had passed that very night, thousands of miles away. Throughout her life she has had similar encounters but she kept her experiences to herself until paranormal investigation reality shows brought these types of experiences to the forefront and peaked her interests to look further for an explanation.

Paranormal investigation has become a natural progression for Marcie. She truly feels that when investigating the paranormal it is imperative to keep an open mind, however, it is equally important to that one also uses reasoning when investigating reports of the paranormal.

Susan Baucom
Investigator – DAP Northern Kentucky Chapter

Susan has always been fascinated in the paranormal.  Her grandfather died when she was a child, she always felt his presence in her grandparents’ house. Even though she has never “seen” a ghost, she believes they exist. She became very interested in investigating by watching Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures. She believes that EVP’s (electronic voice phenomenon) are undisputed evidence of the paranormal. During many investigations, Sue has recorded disembodied voices that she did not hear in person, but only upon review of recorders.

Susan grew up in a strong Catholic family and has always wanted to have a better understanding of the battle between good and evil. As she continues to investigate for Dark Alley Paranormal, NKY, she hopes to get more proof that will help others understand that there is more out there than meets the eye.

Melissa Raifsnider
Investigator – DAP Northern Kentucky Chapter