Northern Kentucky Chapter

Dark Alley Paranormal Investigators is a small independent paranormal investigation/ghost hunting team located in Columbus Ohio. Formed in 2008, Dark Alley has investigated several of the most haunted locations in the eastern U.S.

D.A.P. – Northern Kentucky Paranormal Team
Dark Alley Paranormal-Northern Kentucky Chapter is a paranormal investigation and research team located in Louisville, Kentucky. We are a branch of the Dark Alley Paranormal team located in Columbus, Ohio, and also have another chapter located in Northeastern Ohio. Formed in 2008, Dark Alley has investigated many of the most haunted locations in the eastern U.S.

What We Do:
We investigate using well known, standard ghost hunting equipment and our own senses. The locations that Dark Alley Paranormal investigates are widely varied, from small businesses and residential homes to large scale buildings such as asylums and dilapidated hospitals. Our main goal in paranormal investigations is to determine whether or not our clients may in fact be in a paranormal situation by presenting evidence to either support or debunk theirs claims and to help them regain control over what they may otherwise feel helpless or uncomfortable about.

Do you feel you are in a paranormal situation or think your house or business maybe haunted? Let us know. We will come investigate at no charge. Please contact us.

What’s New

Dark Alley Paranormal is now official a member of the Ghost Adventures Crew!


Do you think your home may be haunted? Are you experiencing inexplicable happenings? Contact us! We can help you better understand what is going on. We will bring a small group of 4 or 5 into your home and do a thorough investigation and let you know what we may have found.